“I would like to add my testimonial attesting to the excellent skills of Dr. Debra Guevara. She offers the best chiropractic care I have ever experienced, and I have been going to chiropractors in CA, AZ, and TX for almost 25 years.When giving an adjustment, Dr. Guevara uses the correct and proper Activator protocol, which requires a gentle and non-invasive regimen that does not require her to physically twist, push or force the spine and neck. The Activator is a miraculous tool and Dr. Guevara knows how to follow the procedures to ensure an excellent adjustment.”

“Dr. Guevara, also offers Neuro Emotional Technique to help alleviate pain caused by hidden emotional factors. The results are astonishing. I got incredible relief from chronic pain that I thought was physical even though there was nothing physically wrong, with an N.E. T. session the pain was greatly relieved.

I highly recommend Dr. Debra Guevara as a chiropractor who excels in all forms of chiropractic treatment. She is truly gentle and radiates the spirit of compassion and healing.”

Nancy, M.A. Ed., Plano, TX

“I wish to tell you about Dr. Debra. She is a very good adjuster. I was afraid to go to the chiropractor because it might hurt. Dr. Guevara uses an Activator to adjust and it is very gentle, no pain. My pain is gone now and I feel better. I suggest you see her if you have a problem.”

Hosook L.

“My several experiences with Dr. Debra Guevara as a Gentle Hands Chiropractic practitioner have been very successful, beneficial, and enjoyable. Debra’s professional expertise is complemented expertly by her winsome and friendly, cheerful personality. I particularly appreciate the “Activator” technique of chiropractic adjustments. Benefits have included: improved posture, general relaxed body feeling and anatomical flexibility, steadier walking and regular gate, better control driving, neck and shoulder relief especially and improved sleeping. I know Dr. Guevara did exemplary well during her educational career and now her professional career is being launched featuring her ability to explain, in understandable terms, the technical procedures which she performs and of which she has a most commendable grasp and command. I would highly and unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Guevara to anyone in need of chiropractic care.”

David, Plano, TX

“Dr. Guevara treated me for chronic pain and discomfort. She helped me understand that it takes time to reverse all the damage I had done over the years. The Activator was gentle enough for me. The regular adjustments from other chiropractors didn’t really work or caused me more discomfort, but this helped. I was amazed! Using NET, she also helped me get to the emotional and nutritional parts of my problem. She took care of it from many different angles. I feel like I got my life back. I’m at a point in my healing that I don’t need to get adjustments as often, only every other month. It’s always nice to go back to her and know that she is there for me. I’m so happy I followed her suggestions.”

– Bonnie J

” I have suffered with low back pain for quite a while. I went to see Dr. Debra and she gave me a thorough physical then explained my problem to me in simple terms. She recommended exercises for me to do at home and adjusted me. After a few visits I was out of pain and able to live my life again. I love the Activator Method of adjusting because it is gentle and precise with no twisting or bending. I see Dr. Debra on a regular basis to avoid any further problems.”

Helen L.